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Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.
- Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Garrett "Gary" Davis
Hi. I'm Garrett "Gary" Davis, an architect/developer/manager for business applications, primarily for the insurance industry.

This is a showcase for applications I have developed for the Google App Engine.

They use a 'framework' of supporting software, developed by me, called 'Gawsh', which stands for 'Google App Engine Web Service Helper'. This framework takes care of a lot of the technical hassle of developing applications, in the same way that the Google App Engine takes care of most of the technical hassle of running the applications. For example, the data structures used in these applications are defined in the system, not with program code or SQL code, but in a person-readable format called YAML. Click here to see a sample data layout.

The first few applications are pretty simple: a blog, a 'contact list', and a list of features - and my wish-list of future features - for the Gawsh framework. I built them to learn the Google App Engine and to 'excercise' the Gawsh framework as I developed the framework. They aren't very sophisticated. But if you see some feature that you like, and you want to know more about how I did it, please feel free to ask me about it.

There is also a payroll system, which can accurately calculate your payroll tax deductions (if you work in California; the tax tables for other states might be loaded later) and demonstrate a system with more complex data structures than just blogs and names-and-addresses.

Please note that all of the data, including the blog entries and any comments, are just 'play' data, and can get wiped out at any time. If you write any comments that you think are worthy of preserving, please also send me an email and mention them; if I agree that your comments are worth preserving, I'll add them to the set of data used for 'restocking'. Thanks.

My specialty is insurance, and to demonstrate that, I have built a more sophisticated application called 'FROI', the standard term used in the Workers' Compensation domain for 'First Report of Injury'. If you are injured on the job, the state requires that your employer - or the insurance company that provides workers' compensation insurance to your employer - send a very complicated report to a state bureau that describes the injury . This application presents a user-friendly interface to support the collection of the large amount of data involved - over a hundred attributes, about 300 distinct attributes are defined, and they vary by state. If you are in the insurance industry, or you are otherwise involved with workers' compensation, in industry, or in the medical profession, take a look at this application and let me know what you think.

And thanks for stopping by to check out this site.


Garrett "Gary" Davis, CPA, CLU, FLMI, CPCU